Visualize GCP Billing using BigQuery and Data Studio

Enable Billing Export to BigQuery

Get Started with At-a-Glance views

  • What did I spend so far today?
  • What have I spent so far this month?
  • What’s my Year-To-Date spending look like?

Slice and dice by labels

  • Labels based on team or cost center. Add labels based on team or cost center to distinguish projects owned by different teams. This can be used in cost accounting or budgeting. For example, team:marketing and team:research.
  • Labels based on component. For example, component:redis and component:frontend.
  • Labels based on environment or stage. For example, environment:prod and environment:test.

Analyze your BigQuery usage

Analyze Usage of Other GCP Services

Predict the future

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel — Use & Extend Our Sample



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