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A New System for Designing Motion With Both Sketch and Figma

Introducing AEUX, a tool for integrating motion design into a UX workflow—with fewer speed bumps than ever.

Vintage layer transfer process in Sketch2AE
Guide to Material Motion in After Effects

Welcome to AEUX

  • Speed has been boosted by 93 percent on build time for complex artboards.
  • Symbol overrides for text and nested symbols are now supported. Symbol masters are located more efficiently, putting an end to beach-balling.
  • Image exporting has been reduced by drawing native Ae gradients and eliminating redundant images.
  • Text layer accuracy has been majorly improved with position, tracking, leading, upper/lowercase overrides, rotation, and horizontal/vertical flipping.
  • Groups have the option to be automatically created as Ae precomps. Additionally, groups of layers may be precomped and un-precomped with a click even if you don’t use the AEUX importer.
  • Additional new features like nested booleans, layer and group masking, shape blurs, options to works with paths or parametric shapes.

AEUX + Figma

Lessons learned

Remove copy/paste

Make it interactive

Show me what’s happening

Moving forward



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