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Talks on the uncharted territories of design & creativity.

What do conversation, inclusivity, virtual spaces, and ethics have to do with design? Everything.

Design Is […], a speaker series that brings respected innovators from a broad range of fields to Google for a public monthly talk to engage in a discussion on the future of design and creativity from a variety of perspectives. As the field of design and the notion of creativity continue to expand and change, we want to create a space for a dialogue about supporting the creative process, ethical design and designing a future that we all want to be a part of.

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2018 Coming Sessions

We are excited to have Google’s own Maggie Stanphill and Joscelin Cooper for the January session of the Design Is […] series. They will explore how examining language in literature, art, and public life can influence better product design.

Design Is [Language]
Maggie Stanphill and Joscelin Cooper
Why Words Matter
January 31st, 6pm 2018 | *NEW LOCATION*
GOOGLE SF — 7th Floor, Downtown San Francisco

Language is encoded in us from childhood; it shapes how we view the world and forms the foundation of culture. The words we choose uncover meaning, signal power, and construct relationships. Whether design should be “content first” or whether copy and design should evolve together is a topic of debate, but what’s certain is that the intention and power of language is inextricably tied to context, visual or spoken. We’ll look at how to pick up the subtle cues certain words telegraph, and how deliberate language choices result in products that are responsible and respectful of their relationship to the user.

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Kai Haley, UX Manager & Sarah Wilson, Creative Lead @ Google
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