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Just Keep Making Stuff

Find a focus and dive in.

How I got hooked.

Collaboration drives inspiration.

You’re never too busy to tinker.

This web app only works for people who are within a few miles of a BART station. Once within that range, users can see walk times and distances to the closest stations, including the train line departure estimates, and if those trains are within the walk times, they are shown in their designated line color.
To view recent Instagram photos from any location on the planet, users can search for a place by name, then pan the map to target a specific geolocation, and click the “Get Photos” button to get a look at what’s been shared recently. To see a larger version of the image, just click on the thumbnail. Update: As of June 1, 2016 Instagram’s API policy changes no loner allow this type of usage, so the site no longer works :(

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Mike is a Design Manager in UX at Google where he focuses on fostering the design culture. Prior to Google, he was a co-founder of Cuban Council.

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