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Latest recommendations around naming Angular Content Online

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In this post I want to rise some awareness around the latest Naming Guidelines for Angular content. Last week, the Angular Team published the new guidelines applying to Angular branding and as an extension concerning to content creators in the Angular Community: online tutorials, blog posts, videos, etc.

This affects how the Angular team will be referring both to Angular 1.x and Angular 2+ releases for their projects and recommendations for 3rd parties.

You can read more details in the original announcement below.

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New Angular Naming Guidelines

Let’s review each option separately and give the current advice on its usage as of today.


  • AngularJS for content for 1.x releases.
  • Angular for content for 2+ releases.

Not Recommended

  • Angular 1 for content for 1.x releases.
  • Angular 2 for content for 2+ releases.

The Angular Team has provided few more examples around these and other guidelines. Check the Press Kit.

Angular Material

Following these guidelines, Angular Material will be using Angular Material and AngularJS Material respectively.

New Angular content

For any new content, following the above naming guidelines is the way to go. In order to rank better in Search results my personal recommendation is to also include the major version one way or another. For example, when Angular (v4) is available adding the major version to your content will rank better and also facilitate more specific searches.


I hope I brought some light into this topic so more people is aware of it and we can go through the Angular naming transition more quickly.

That’s all! Think I missed something? Contact me on @gerardsans or Thanks for reading!