Aurélie Vache: “Code has no gender” #WomenAreExperts

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5 min readJan 20, 2021


It’s 2021 and women are still a minority in tech. One way to change that is by making those who are in the tech world more visible, so others can follow their path.

#WomenAreExperts is a new series that features amazing women developers from the Google Developers Experts community.

Today, meet Aurélie Vache: developer and an Expert in Google Cloud.

How and when did you become a Cloud developer?

I’ve been a Cloud Developer for more than 3 years. At first I started at Continental, where I worked on connected & autonomous vehicles projects. But overall, I’ve been a developer for over 15 years. I’m a former Java / JEE Developer, Ops, then Web, Full-Stack and Lead Developer.

Today, I’m a Cloud Developer (& DevRel) at Stack Labs, where I work for multiple customers with different, very interesting business needs.

Why Cloud?

When I started my previous job as a Cloud Developer 3 years ago, I discovered the entire magical world of Cloud technologies: managed services with Cloud providers, containers, orchestrator, observability, monitoring, Infrastructure as Code, CI/CD and real DevOps approach & culture… and I fell in love with theses technologies.

It was not easy to understand all the new concepts, but it was very interesting and enriching.

How is it like to be a woman in the Cloud world?

No different than being a man!

I don’t see any difference between my work and my men colleague’s work in Cloud.

There are not many women in IT and even less in Cloud or DevOps, that’s a fact. But, I’m working with the same Cloud technologies, same Cloud issues, troubles, mysteries, migration and surprises as men :-).

How are you giving back to the developer community? And why are you doing this?

I love to share my knowledge with others and to help people.

I’m one of the leaders of Duchess France, a french association that promotes women developers and women working in IT. I’m strongly involved in their #AdoptADuchess coaching initiative.

I was a mentor at « Simplon Toulouse ». I love to coach people in their day to day transition to be a developer.

For several years, I’ve been writing a lot of technical articles in my personal blog, company blog, several other blogs, then on DZone,, and in “Programmez! Magazine” — a french technical paper magazine about programming.

Aurelie speaking at DevFest Nantes 2019.

I’m also a conference and meetups organizer (Toulouse Data Science), organized DevFest Toulouse for 4 years, and reviewed books about Hibernate, JPA and DevOps.

I’m a public speaker: I talk about Cloud technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, Istio, but also Golang, BigQuery and the imposter syndrome…

I’ve been writing about Imposter syndrome and learning methods/ways for neuro atypical people for several years. I’ve done a talk about how to fight imposter syndrome recorded in french and transcripted in english.

I also do things for kids and young people: I’ve been part of the STEAM Decks project created by Deusto University at Bilbao, Spain. STEAM Decks is a card-playing game about Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. STEAM Decks provides a free access online platform where primary and secondary school students are able to develop declarative knowledge in a contextualized and meaningful way through a multiplayer and online card game.

I’ve been organizing workshops, for kids and young women, about how to learn to code and co-create one called « Code your own autonomous vehicles with Scratch ».

And finally, I’m drawing technical sketchnotes to explain complex and abstract concepts in a more simple and visual way. So far, I’ve published ones about Kubernetes, Istio and Docker. I love to try to explain abstract complex concepts with simple illustrations and words.

That’s a lot! What would be your advice for women developers, who want to advance their careers?

You can be a developer even if you don’t have a computer science or an engineer degree. It will not be easy, but it’s possible 😊.

Be part of a community with other women in tech — it will help you feel you’re not alone. Go to meetups and conferences to meet people.

Don’t listen to the inner voice that tells you that you are not good enough. Maybe this little voice sometimes tells you that you are not in your place, or that you have nothing to share with others.

Focus on positive things and listen on kindful people.

Believe in yourself. Even if you feel small, you can do big things 🙂💪

What has the Google Developers Experts program given you?

Thanks to the GDE program I’m part of a community of people who share and help others.

I have access to things like Google Groups with content about Google Cloud or access to alpha and beta GCP components. I hope I’ll be able to meet everyone in the real world, not only online, soon!

If you could have one wish related to women in tech, what would it be?

If I could have one wish, it would definitely be about children and young girls.

We know that there are currently very few women in tech, it is a fact and the statistics of the last few years are quite alarming. The number of women in tech is not increasing. In order to reverse the trend, the problem should be dealt with at the root, so at school, college and high school.

I wish young girls could do every job they want, without limitations. You don’t have to be an expert in Maths. Programming is not only for men. Code has no gender.

If you are interested in joining the Google Developers Experts program, let us know!



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