Top 15 packages one should not miss — Flutter💙

There are lots of packages available on our beloved website But there are always some of the packages that one should check out without being missed!

Started learning Flutter recently? There are tons of packages available in Flutter that you should try. This article contains a list of the top 10 packages that will help you in your Flutter journey.

1. http

http is a package that you will use almost in all the projects that you do. It helps to create HTTP requests (get, post, put, etc) and deal with data. This package is mainly used for API Calls and is the most common and simple package used for this task.

2. dio

Dio is another package widely used for API Calls. It is created on top of the http package. It provides functionalities of the http package and some additional functionalities like download, interceptors, cookie manager, handling errors, etc.

3. provider

Provider is one of the most widely used and simplest state management techniques recommended by the Flutter team. Once you get comfortable with Provider, there are many other state management packages you can get your hands dirty with.

5. flutter_bloc

After Provider, the bloc is another widely used State Management technique that is used in production level apps too. It is created on top of the provider and works on the concept of event and state.

6. riverpod

Riverpod is also one of the widely used state management packages that catch programming errors at compile time rather than at runtime, removes nesting for listening/combining objects and ensures that the code is testable.

7. device_preview

device_preview provides rich functionality to check your app on various devices and get to know how your app will look on different screen size!

8. flutter_lints

Rules are always important no matter where you apply! It’s equally important in development. flutter_lints package allows you to define rules so that you or your team can have a better coding standard.

9. google_fonts

This package helps you to provide different font families and styles to your text. The other way is to download the font family file, add it to assets and then add the same to pubspec.yaml. On the other hand, google_fonts will help you to change the font of a text wherever you need without any additional work!

12. cached_network_image

You will always encounter the use where you need to show an image from any URL. This package helps you to cache the image which you get from URL so that next time you can show the same instance of that image without taking much time to load.

11. path_provider

path_provider is also one of the most widely used packages that allow you to get the most commonly used locations on the file system.

12. shared_preferences

This package allows you to store a small amount of data (not critical data) into the persistent storage of the platform.

13. sqflite

SQFLite is a package that will allow you to store data in the local system at any path that you want. It provides SQL based queries and functions to do the task.

14. url_launcher

url_launcher is a package that allows you to launch different URLs through your Flutter app. You can also use this to move the user to SMS, WhatsApp, Phone, Mail, etc. services!

15. webview_flutter

This package allows you to open an in-app browser and load a webpage in the browser.

Hope you enjoyed this article🎉!

There are lots of more packages that you might have found useful. Feel free to respond to the article with the links!

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