The Developer Show 014 — Android Developers Backstage Podcast

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This week on The Developer Show, I sneak backstage for a behind-the-scenes chat with Chet Haase and Tor Norbye at the “Android Developers Backstage” podcast studio.

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Episode 014 — February 19th, 2016


Just the updates and links

Project Tango

Project Tango is hosting workshops to help bring indoor location apps to life. You may remember our visit to one of these workshops a couple episodes ago — it was really cool. Follow this link to read more and submit your own idea.

Google Cloud Platform

To help your business grow, we are significantly increasing the size limits of all Google Compute Engine block storage products, including up to 3TB of Local SSD and 64TB of persistent disk per virtual machine. Check out the post for more details.

If you enjoy debating the merits of the Spark and Dataflow programming models, you get excited at the idea of processing terabytes in seconds with zero setup, or simply want to learn how to use the infrastructure that powers Google for your data processing work; this new blog on big data is for you.


Dart 1.14 is now available and contains a number of additions and improvements across our core libraries and tools including progress towards eliminating symbolic links and a new way to access package assets easily and reliably.

The newest Chrome Beta release includes CSS custom properties, background sync with service workers, and new ECMAScript 2015 features. Check out the blog post, and the beta.

Over the last couple weeks we’ve published a bunch of new articles on our web updates page. Check out all the great new content including information on ecma-script proxies, controlling font performance, and more.


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Marvin Minsky

“Intelligence is not the product of any singular mechanism but comes from the managed interaction of a diverse variety of resourceful agents.”

This and other big ideas came from the work of Marvin Minsky, a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence and winner of the Turing Award in nineteen sixty nine. He recently died at the age of 88. For more on Minsky’s work, check out this great article by the New York Times.

Women Techmakers

Women Techmakers is Google’s global program for women in tech and is hosting 14 summits at Google offices and 100 meetups are expected with Google Developer Groups globally to celebrate International Women’s Day in March and April. Apply to attend — they’re gonna be awesome.

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