The Developer Show — TL;DR 046

Highlights: Localization on Google Play, automatic line breaking tool for Japanese on the web, new storage classes for Google Cloud Storage

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TL;DR 046 — October 28th, 2016

Expand globally by localizing on Google Play

Drupe and Noom have expanded globally by localizing their apps on Google Play. drupe increased their daily active users by 300%, and actions per average daily user increased 25% in the Indian market. For more details on each and a link to the localization checklist, check out the post.

Budou: Automatic Japanese line breaking

Here’s a cool new open source tool that does automatic line breaking for Japanese on the web. This is particularly important because line breaking for Japanese otherwise occurs randomly, usually in the middle of a word. The tools uses Cloud Natural Language API to analyze the input sentence, and it concatenates proper words in order to produce meaningful chunks utilizing “part-of-speech” tagging and syntactic information. The GitHub link is on the post.

New storage classes for Google Cloud Storage

There’s just been a major refresh of Google Cloud Storage which includes new storage classes, data lifecycle management tools, improved availability, and lower prices. All to make it easy for you to store your data with the right type of storage. More details with charts and examples are on the post.

Google Stackdriver

Google Stackdriver was designed to make ops easier by reducing the burden associated with keeping applications fast, error-free, and available in the cloud… and it is now generally available for hybrid cloud monitoring, logging, and diagnostics. For more on the announcement and how to use Stackdriver including code, check out these links:

Chrome 55 Beta

Chrome 55 Beta is now available with input handling improvements, async and await functions, CSS automatic hyphenation, and more. All the details and code are on the post.