The Developer Show — TL;DR 049

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TL;DR 049 — November 23rd, 2016

TensorFlow’s First Year

Happy Birthday TensorFlow! It’s been a year since your open-sourcing and you’re the most popular machine learning project on GitHub… Take a look at this post to learn more about where TensorFlow has been and where it’s going.

Google Cloud Machine Learning

Also on the ML front, take a look at this article for all the updates to the Google Cloud Machine Learning family, including a new API, pricing, and GPUs. The post has all the details.

A.I. Experiments

And if you’re new to Machine Learning altogether, perhaps you’ll want to start by just playing around with some experiments. You’re in luck! Our friends at the Creative Lab have released some really fun experiments with machine learning. You can play with them right away and go deeper with the GitHub links. A video with details and links to the experiments are on the post.

Avoid a self-inflicted DDoS Attack

Distributed Denial of Service attacks are bad, but they’re arguably worse when they’re self-inflicted. To avoid this common software architecture design failure, take a look at this post from our Customer Reliability Engineering team.

Firebase for Unity

There is now an officially supported Firebase Unity SDK that provides packages for Firebase features on iOS and Android including Firebase Analytics, the real time database and dynamic links. To get started today, head on over to the post.

Firebase in a Weekend

And if you’re new to Firebase, you may want to take a gander at this new Udacity course: Firebase in a Weekend. It’ll help you understand many of the core features of Firebase by building an app from the ground up.

Google Slides API

The Slides API v1 is now generally available and represents the first time that developers have ever been able to programmatically access Slides. To learn more about what this API can do with code and a video, head on over to the post.