The Developer Show — TL;DR 060

Highlights: Firebase for Unity, preprocessing for Machine Learning, and Intel Skylake on GCP

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TL;DR 060 — March 3rd, 2017

Game Developer Conference 2017

This week, during our annual Developer Day at the Game Developers Conference, we introduced new tools to improve the overall discovery on Google Play, especially supporting developers who build high quality and engaging games. This includes more curation of high quality games through editorial pages and promoting high quality experiences based on engagement, not just installs. More details as well as a peek at some upcoming games are on the post.

Firebase for Unity and C++

The official Firebase SDKs for Unity and C++ are now generally available to help you supercharge your games. This means that they’re both primary supported platforms that Firebase is committed to supporting in the future. Check out the post for everything you can take advantage of, a getting started guide, and a set of new samples.

Google Play Developer Console

We recently announced the launch of a new way to publish apps on Google Play with some new features. The changes will give you the ability to manage your app releases with more confidence via a new manage releases page in the Google Play Developer Console. Screenshots and a video are on the post.

Preprocessing for Machine Learning

tf.Transform is a new library for TensorFlow that allows users to define preprocessing pipelines and run these using large scale data processing frameworks, while also exporting the pipeline in a way that can be run as part of a TensorFlow graph. You’ll want the flow chart for this one and it’s on the post.

Intel Skylake on Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform is the first cloud provider to offer the next generation Intel Xeon processor, codenamed Skylake. Skylake includes Intel Advanced Vector Extensions, which make it ideal for scientific modeling, genomic research, 3D rendering, data analytics and engineering simulations.