The Developer Show — TL;DR 061

Highlights: Android Studio 2.3, Firebase Notifications, Realtime Analytics

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TL;DR 061 — March 10th, 2017

Launchpad Accelerator

You can now apply for the next class of the Launchpad Accelerator. The equity-free program will begin on July 17th, 2017 at the Google Developers Launchpad Space in San Francisco and will include 2 weeks of all-expense-paid training. We’re now accepting applications from several countries in Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Europe.

Android Studio 2.3

Android Studio 2.3 is now available. The focus for this release has been quality improvements across the IDE. For more details including screenshots and a video introduction as well as the link to download, head on over to the post.

Introducing Python Fire

If you build python code that you’d like available on the command line, this open source tool is for you. Python Fire generates command line interfaces from any Python code. Simply call the Fire function in any Python program to automatically turn that program into a CLI. The GitHub link is on the post.

Firebase Notifications updates

We’ve made updates to Firebase Notifications to help you reach your users with greater focus. This release includes a set of enhancements to the Firebase Notifications console that will allow you to be much more granular in selecting the audience that receives your notification. More details and a screenshot are on the post.

Realtime Analytics for everyone

StreamView and DebugView from Firebase Analytics are being rolled out to the general public. StreamView visualizes events as they flow into Firebase Analytics, and gives you a general sense of how your users are interacting with your app. With DebugView, you can immediately see which events are being reported to Firebase Analytics. More details and some very cool screenshots are on the post.

Issue tracker Google Cloud Platform

We’re working on facilitating better collaboration between you and the Google Cloud Platform product teams, by upgrading to Issue Tracker, a tool we use internally at Google. We’ve migrated all the issues. Check them out or file your own by first clicking through to the post.

VM migration to Google Cloud Platform

We’re collaborating with CloudEndure, a cloud migration and disaster recovery provider, to offer a no cost, self-service migration tool for Google Cloud Platform customers. It allows you to migrate virtual machines and physical servers from their existing environment into GCP with near-zero downtime and little to no disruption. Click through to watch the webinar and get started today.

AdMob updates

At the recent Game Developers Conference, we announced important updates to AdMob that could help you unlock new business with rewarded video formats and free, unlimited and real-time analytics reporting. More details on how these features help you monetize your games more effectively are on the post.

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