The Developer Show — TL;DR 069

Highlights: Google I/O, AIY Maker Kit, Chrome 59 Beta

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TL;DR 069 — May 12th, 2017

Advanced Android App Development

The Advanced Android App Development online course has been updated, improved, and extended. With it, you can build a portfolio of apps as you improve your Android dev skills. Check out the the course, linked on the post.

AIY Projects: Do-it-yourself AI for Makers

We recently launched AIY Projects: do-it-yourself artificial intelligence for Makers. With it, makers can use artificial intelligence to make human-to-machine interaction more like human-to-human interactions. We’ll be releasing a series of reference kits, starting with voice recognition. More details and links are on the post.

Chrome 59 Beta

Chrome 59 Beta is now available with Headless Chromium, native notifications on macOS, service worker navigation preload, and more. All the details are on the post.

Google Cloud Launcher adds more container support

Google Cloud Launcher has more Google maintained containers including Cassandra, ElasticSearch, Jenkins, MySQL, and more. Google container solutions are managed by Google engineers and since we’re maintaining the images, the containers available on Google Cloud Launcher will be current with the latest application and security updates.

Google Cloud

There are two announcements from Google Cloud Next London that I wanted to tell you about… First, Google Cloud Natural Language API is adding support for new languages and entity sentiment analysis. And second, Cloud Spanner is now generally available. Check out the details of both announcements on the post.

Google I/O

Google I/O is juuuuust around the corner — and if you’re like me, you like to go in prepared. Which is why we have an Android, iOS, and web app to help you customize your I/O schedule and get around the developer festival. Check out the screenshots and find the download links on the post.

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