The Developer Show — TL;DR 076

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TL;DR 076 — July 21st, 2017

Google Developer Days are coming to Europe

You can now register for Google Developer Days Europe, taking place on September 5th and 6th, in Krakow, Poland. We’ll showcase our latest developer product and platform updates to help you develop high quality apps, grow & retain an active user base, and tap into tools to earn more. There’ll be technical talks, hands-on training sessions, and 1:1 time with Googlers and members of our Google Developers Experts community. The link to register is on the post.

Google Play Indie Games Festival

Also happening in September is the Google Play Indie Games Festival in San Francisco on the 23rd. If you’re an indie developer based in the US or Canada and want to submit your game, you have until August 6th. Just head on over to the post.

Android Things Console developer preview

We recently launched a developer preview of the Android Things Console which allows you to manage the software running on your fleet of Android Things IoT devices, including creating factory images, as well as updating the operating system and developer-provided APKs. A tour of the console and the features it offers is on the post.

Google People API

The Google People API now has write endpoints that allow you to create, delete, and update a single contact as well as contact group endpoints to read and write contact groups. Code and screenshots are on the post.

Cloud Functions Realtime Database Triggers

Starting with the firebase-functions module version 0.5.9, there are now three new types of database triggers you can write: onCreate(), onUpdate(), and onDelete(). To see how this can make your code more efficient, check out the post.

Google Cloud Platform now open in London

You can now use the new Google Cloud Platform region in London to run applications and store data in London. This is our tenth region and joins our existing European region in Belgium. Details including the available zones and services are on the post.

Kubernetes 1.7 on Container Engine

Google Container Engine now runs Kubernetes 1.7 and includes differentiated features for enterprise security, extensibility, hybrid networking and developer efficiency. Details are on the post.

Choosing the right compute option in GCP

As developers, when starting a new project on the Google Cloud Platform, you may find yourself trying to decide between different compute options: Google Compute Engine, Google Container Engine, App Engine or even Google Cloud Functions and Firebase. Sound familiar? If so, this handy decision tree is for you.