The Developer Show — TL;DR 079

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TL;DR 079 — August, 11th 2017

TensorFlow Serving 1.0

TensorFlow Serving is a high performance serving system for machine learned models designed for production environments. And version 1.0 is now available. Also included in this release is a prebuilt binary available through apt-get install, which is really cool. For more info on the release and on using TensorFlow serving, check out the post.

International Conference on Machine Learning

Google is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of the thirty-fourth International Conference on Machine Learning taking place this week right here in Sydney. There’s over 130 Googlers attending the conference to present publications and host workshops. But, as usual, don’t worry if you can’t attend — just head on over to the post for links to the papers and workshops we’re presenting.

Nearby Connections 2.0

Version 2.0 of the Nearby Connections API is now available, providing high bandwidth, low latency, encrypted data transfers between nearby devices in a fully-offline peer-to-peer manner. Release details as well as links the docs and code are on the post.

Estimating Available Storage Space

Chrome 61 now exposes an estimate of how much storage a web app is using and how much is available. For some code and a discussion on how to use this in your app, take a look at the post.

Firebase Conditional REST Requests

Conditional REST Requests are now available for the Firebase Realtime Database. You can use them to safely perform atomic operations and you can get started with the post.

Go Contributors Summit

The day before GopherCon 2017, a group of Go team members and contributors gathered in Denver to discuss and plan for the future of the Go project. The discussions covered compiler and runtime, dependency management, the standard library and much more. For a detailed overview of the day, check out the post.