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TL;DR 082 — September 16th, 2017

Web Share API

In Chrome 61 for Android, we’ve launched the navigator.share() method, which allows websites to invoke the native sharing capabilities of the host platform. It’s part of the simple Web Share API and allows you to easily trigger the native Android share dialog, passing either a URL or text to share. Code and screenshots are on the post.

Mobile Web Specialist Certification

We recently introduced the Mobile Web Specialist Certification to highlight developers who have in-demand skills as mobile web devs. Follow the link and get your digital badge today.

Zalando increases installs and revenue

Based in Berlin, Zalando is Europe’s leading online fashion platform. With more than 70% of its traffic now coming from mobile, the company has invested a lot in improving the quality of its app to provide a good user experience. Using features like A/B testing, the pre-launch report and the new release dashboard from the Google Play Console, Zalando saw a 6% increase in installs and a 15% increase in the users’ lifetime value. Click through to the post for the video with more details.

Shopping campaigns

The holiday season is right around the corner; so we’re rolling out new reporting to show how often your Shopping ad is in the top spot including product status reporting and absolute top impressions share. Get started with the post.

TensorBoard API

TensorBoard is a suite of visualizations for inspecting and understanding your TensorFlow models and runs. To allow the creation of new and useful visualizations, we recently made available a consistent set of APIs that allows you to add custom visualization plugins to TensorBoard. Our hope is that you use this API to extend TensorBoard and ensure that it covers a wider variety of use cases. Details, links, and screenshots are on the post.

Dedicated Interconnect

We recently announced, Dedicated Interconnect, which lets you establish a private network connection directly to Google Cloud Platform through one of our Dedicated Interconnect locations. Dedicated Interconnect also offers increased throughput and even a potential reduction in network costs. For more details and to get started, head on over to the post.

Compute Engine

A key feature of Google Compute Engine is managed instance groups, which allows you to manage collections of identical instances as a unit, to quickly deploy new VMs, and ensure they’re consistently configured. We recently announced a new managed instance group updater, to help you update your Compute Engine VMs programmatically and at scale. Details and screenshots are on the post.

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