The Developer Show — TL;DR 084

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TL;DR 084 — October 13, 2017

Apps for the Google Assistant

Actions on Google is coming to new devices and new languages, and getting better for building and sharing apps with templates and transactions. Check out all the details and links on the post.

Google Assistant on Android TV

Also, the Google Assistant is now available on Android TV, and although there are no new APIs needed to integrate with it, you should follow the pattern that it expects from your app. This post has all the details including code.

Introducing Cloud Firestore

We recently launched Cloud Firestore, a fully-managed NoSQL document database for mobile and web app development. It’s designed to easily store and sync app data at global scale, and it’s now available in beta. Take a look at the post for an introduction video and highlights.

Managing Google Cloud Platform with Chef

Chef is a continuous automation platform powered by an awesome community. We recently released and open sourced a set of comprehensive cookbooks for Chef users to manage Google Cloud Platform resources. Together, Chef and Google Cloud Platform enable you to drive continuous automation across infrastructure, compliance, and applications.

PHP 7.1 for Google App Engine now GA

PHP 7.1 is now generally available on Google App Engine in the flexible environment. Check out the post for how to deploy PHP applications on App Engine, how to use the extension enabler, stackdriver logging, and more.

Nested virtualization for Google Compute Engine

Google Compute Engine now supports nested virtualization in beta. This allows you to run one or more virtual machines inside a Compute Engine Linux virtual machine — VMs inside of VMs.

Java 8 on App Engine standard environment now GA

Java 8 on App Engine standard environment is now generally available and is covered by the App Engine Service Level Agreement.

Introducing Abseil, a new common libraries project

Abseil is an open-source collection of C++ library code designed to augment the C++ standard library. These libraries are the nuts-and-bolts that underpin almost everything that Google runs and have been extensively tested and used in production. The GitHub link is on the post.