The Developer Show — TL;DR 085

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TL;DR 085 — October 20th, 2017

Android Instant Apps SDK 1.1

The Android Instant Apps SDK 1.1 is now available with some highly-requested features such as improved NDK support, configuration APKs for binary size reduction, and a new API to maintain the user’s context when they transition from an instant app to the installed app. More details and links to get started are on the post.

Firebase Test Lab Update

There are new features in Firebase Test Lab for Android including Robo test improvements, Faster test results, and Support for Android Test Orchestrator. More details and links are on the post.

Introducing Dialogflow

API.AI is now known as Dialogflow, and is still your end-to-end platform for building great conversational experiences. Recent launches include an in-line code editor and multi-lingual agent support.

TensorFlow Lattice

We recently released TensorFlow Lattice, a set of prebuilt TensorFlow Estimators that are easy to use, and TensorFlow operators to build your own lattice models. There’s a lot of details here, so I’ll recommend you just head straight over to the post for a detailed explanation with a video and graphs.

Ruby apps with Stackdriver

We recently released beta gems for Stackdriver, our monitoring, logging and diagnostics suite. Now you can use Stackdriver in your Ruby projects wherever they happen to be. The GitHub link is on the post.

App Engine firewall

The App Engine firewall lets you control access to your App Engine app through a set of rules, and is now generally available and ready to secure access to your production applications. More details and screenshots are on the post.

The new AdWords experience

When we first announced the rollout of the new AdWords experience back in March of 2016, our goal was to introduce a faster and more intuitive AdWords that’s focused on helping you reach your business goals. This new AdWords experience is now available to all advertisers. Getting started information is on the post.

Grow with Google scholarships

We’re excited to announce that we’re offering a 50,000 Udacity Scholarship Challenge in the United States through the Grow with Google initiative! To apply for a scholarship, head on over to the post.