The Developer Show — TL;DR 086

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TL;DR 086 — October 27th, 2017

Google Play’s Indie Games Contest

We recently announced the second annual Google Play Indie Games Contest in Europe, expanding to more countries and bigger prizes. The contest rewards your passion, creativity and innovation, and provides support to help bring your game to more people. Head on over to the post for more details on prizes and how to enter.


In the category of too cool not to mention is our recent open source release for Quantum Computers. OpenFermion, is the first open source platform for translating problems in chemistry and materials science into quantum circuits that can be executed on existing platforms. A lot more detail can be found on the post.

Video Dataset of Human Actions

To help with further research into human action recognition, we’ve released a new dataset that provides multiple action labels for each person in extended video sequences. The dataset consists of URLs for publicly available videos from YouTube, annotated with a set of 80 atomic actions (such as “walk” or “shake hands”) that are spatial-temporally localized, resulting in over 57 thousand video segments, 96 thousand labeled humans performing actions, and a total of 210 thousand action labels. Examples, charts, and a link to download the data are on the post.

Data Loss Prevention API

Keeping sensitive and regulated data private can be a challenge. The Data Loss Prevention API, can help you quickly find and protect over 50 types of sensitive data such as credit card numbers, names, and national ID numbers. And, there are several new ways to help protect sensitive data with the DLP API, including redaction, masking, and tokenization. Check out the post for all the details.

Google Cloud Launcher

The Google Cloud platform Cloud Launcher marketplace provides production-grade solutions that you can launch and manage in just a few clicks. Click To Deploy solutions further lower operational costs with open source products that are maintained by Google. We recently launched 21 new VM solutions for some of the most popular open-source products including Node.js, Ruby Stack, and MySQL. Get started with the post.

Get your ads ready for iPhone X

With the launch of the iPhone X, you need to plan for new design considerations as the rounded corners, notch, and home screen indicator on the extended screen can obscure content and lead to poor ad experiences for users when ads are placed in these areas. Which is why we’ve put together a guide to help you adapt your ad strategy for iPhone X, which you can get by visiting the post.