The Developer Show — TL;DR 087

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TL;DR 087 — November 3rd, 2017

Android 8.1 Developer Preview

The Android 8.1 developer preview is now available. It includes a set of targeted enhancements including optimizations for Android Go and a new Neural Networks API to accelerate on-device machine intelligence. We’ve also included a few smaller enhancements to Oreo in response to user and developer feedback. All the details are on the post.

Android Studio 3.0

Android Studio 3.0 is a large update focused on accelerating your app development on Android; and it’s ready to download today. Head on over to the post for details, video, and screenshots covering everything that’s new with Android Studio 3.0.

Go 1.8 on App Engine

Go 1.8 introduces library, runtime, performance, and security improvements. And it is now generally available for the Google App Engine standard environment.

Gmail add-ons

The Gmail add-ons framework, which we previewed earlier this year, is now available to all developers. It lets you integrate your app into Gmail and extend Gmail to handle quick actions. A video and links to the docs and a codelab are on the post.

Chrome 63 Beta

Our post for Chrome 63 Beta is out and covers Dynamic module imports, async iterators and generators, Device Memory API, and permissions UI changes. All the details and code are on the post.

GCP Podcast

After years of interviewing Google Cloud Platform customers, product managers, engineers, developer experts, salespeople, support staff and more, Google Cloud Platform Podcast has released their 100th episode! Congratulations Francesc, Mark, and the whole podcast team from all of us over at the Dev Show.

Build Out

In episode one of Build Out, Colt and Reto go head-to-head presenting competing system architecture designs for a Smart Garden. The restriction? They must use the Tasks API. Check out the first episode of Build Out.