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TL;DR 111 — May 17, 2018

Google I/O Live

And, of course, last week was Google I/O. The Developer Show team was on site, broadcasting live from all over Shoreline Amphitheatre. Check out the playlist for Keynote recaps, exclusive guest interviews, and playtime in the interactive Sandboxes. If you weren’t able to attend I/O in-person, this is the next best thing. The link is g.co/io/guide.

Google I/O Sessions

Most of the sessions were recorded and are available at g.co/io/videos.

Now for some of the announcements…

ML Kit

With ML Kit for Firebase, you can use machine learning to build compelling features, on Android and iOS, regardless of your machine learning expertise. It’s production-ready for common use cases like text recognition and barcode scanning, allows you to deploy your own custom models, and integrates with other Firebase products. It’s now available in beta. Take a look at the post for screenshots and to get started.

Android Studio 3.2 Canary

Android Studio 3.2 is available in the canary channel and includes features that support the Android P Developer Preview, the new Android App Bundle, and Android Jetpack. Extensive screenshots and details are on the post.

Android Things 1.0

Android Things is Google’s managed OS that enables you to build and maintain Internet of Things devices at scale. Version 1.0 is now available with long-term support for production devices. The update also comes with support for new System-on-Modules, secure software updates, and a new console interface to configure hardware peripherals. Resources are linked from the post.

Wear OS by Google

Developer preview 2 of Wear OS by Google is now available with support for Actions on Google and power-related enhancements including a new battery saver mode.

Actions on Google

The Actions on Google team is making it even easier for you to get started with the Google Assistant, drive engagement, and create rich, immersive experiences. Recent updates include the ability to extend your Android app to the Assistant in more ways, seamless digital content subscriptions from Google Play, and fully customizable visuals for display surfaces. Check out the post for much more detail.

Google Photos

The new Google Photos partner program gives you the tools and APIs to build photo and video experiences in your products that are smarter, faster, and more helpful. More details and a link to the developer preview are on the post.

Flutter Beta 3

Flutter is our mobile app SDK for creating high-quality, native user experiences on iOS and Android. The third beta release is now available with new features that complete core scenarios. Check out the post for details on customer adoption, roadmap to release, and links to get started.

What’s new

As usual, there were a bunch of “What’s new” sessions and posts from Google I/O. Here’s a quick round-up:


What’s new in Android covers all the updates across development, distribution, and engagement.

Google Play Console

What’s new in Google Play Console includes details on Android App Bundle, Dynamic Delivery, and improvements to help you understand and fix quality issues in your app or game.

Android P Beta

What’s new in Android P Beta covers Adaptive Battery, App Actions, Slices, and more

The Web

The state of the web touches on Service Worker, Progressive Web Apps, WebAssembly, Lighthouse, and more.

What’s new in Firebase at I/O 2018

…and What’s new in Firebase details ML Kit, Performance Monitoring, analytics, access management controls, and Test Lab.

Google Developers

Engineering and technology articles for developers, written and curated by Googlers. The views expressed are those of the authors and don't necessarily reflect those of Google.


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Google Developers

Engineering and technology articles for developers, written and curated by Googlers. The views expressed are those of the authors and don't necessarily reflect those of Google.

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