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TL;DR 116 — June 24th, 2018

Customize your Firebase Dynamic Links

Firebase Dynamic Links are deep links that drive user growth and engagement by allowing you to send users to specific places in your app — across iOS, Android, and the web. And now you can customize your dynamic links in three ways: a brand agnostic domain, custom subdomains, and custom paths. Take a look at the post to get started.

Node.js on App Engine

You can now deploy your Node.js 8 applications to App Engine standard environment. This support brings a number of benefits including fast deployments and automatic scaling, idiomatic developer experience, and strong security. Get started with the links and the video on the post.

Cloud Dataflow Streaming Engine

Cloud Dataflow Streaming Engine moves pipeline execution out of the worker VMs and into the Cloud Dataflow service backend and it is now available in beta. This leads to several improvements, which are detailed on the post.

Partner Interconnect

Partner Interconnect lets you connect your on-premises resources to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) from the partner location of your choice, at a data rate that meets your needs. And now it’s generally available, which means you can now receive an SLA for Partner Interconnect connections if you use one of the recommended topologies. For info on choosing a partner, bandwidth options, and pricing, head on over to the post.

GCP in the Nordics

Our sixteenth Google Cloud Platform region, located in Finland, is now open for you to build applications and store your data. For more about the data center and which services are available, take a look at the post.

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