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TL;DR 123 — August 9th, 2018

Chrome 69 Beta: CSS tricks, and more

Chrome 69 Beta has added several new CSS features including Conic gradients, CSS scroll snap, and Display cutouts. Also included are updates to Canvas, the DOM, and more. Take a look at the post for all the details.

Access Google Cloud services from IntelliJ IDEA

You can now use Google Cloud services and APIs right from JetBrains’ integrated development environment with the Cloud Tools for IntelliJ plugin. It lets you discover APIs, consume them, and test against them locally, all without leaving your IDE. Check out the post for screenshots and a link to the plugin.

Shielded VMs to harden your GCP workloads

We recently introduced Shielded VMs in beta, so you can be confident that workloads running on Google Cloud Platform haven’t been penetrated by boot malware or firmware rootkits. Head on over to the post for more on the security features they provide and how to get started.

Istio reaches 1.0: ready for prod

The Istio open-source project recently reached the 1.0 milestone. This is a key step toward delivering the Cloud Services Platform that we discussed at Google Cloud Next, helping you manage your services in a hybrid world where some of your infrastructure runs on VMs and some in Kubernetes, some services run in the cloud and some on-premises. More about Istio and a link to the project are on the post.

NVIDIA Tesla P4 GPUs on Compute Engine

The NVIDIA Tesla P4 GPU is now available, in beta, for accelerating virtual workstations and ML inference on Compute Engine. They provide a good balance of price/performance for remote display applications and real-time machine learning inference. More details and examples are on the post.

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