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TL;DR 130 — October 11, 2018

Actions on Google

We recently introduced support for digital goods and subscriptions as well as Google Sign-in for the Assistant. This will make it easier for you to create a seamless purchasing path across devices and to better personalize the experience for your users on the Assistant. For more details and screenshots, take a look at the post.

Kotlin Momentum

The Google Cloud Platform team recently launched a dedicated Kotlin portal to help you more easily find resources related to Kotlin on Google Cloud. Additionally, Google has joined forces with JetBrains and established the Kotlin Foundation. The Foundation will ensure that Kotlin continues to advance rapidly, remain free and stay open. To learn more about this and other Kotlin news, head on over to the post.

Asset Inventory

Asset Inventory is now available in beta. With it, you can get an org-wide snapshot of your inventory for a wide variety of Google Cloud Platform resources and policies with a single API call. This can then be used by automation tools for monitoring or policy enforcement, or be archived for compliance auditing. Example code is on the post.

New ways to manage delegate settings using the Gmail API

We recently extended the Gmail API by bringing you new ways to manage the delegate settings of users in G Suite. With Gmail delegation, you can grant access to a person’s mailbox to another person in their organization such as giving an administrative assistant access to an executive’s mailbox. Links to get started are on the post.

2018 Go Company Questionnaire

The Go Project is conducting research to better understand which companies are using Go and how they are using the language. This questionnaire will provide data on how the Go language and ecosystem can improve to better serve the needs of your company. Please head on over to the post before October 30th to take the 7-minute questionnaire.

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