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TL;DR 137, November 29th, 2018

Wear OS by Google

The final API 28 emulator image for Wear OS is now available. Highlights of API 28 include a new notification stream, App Standby Buckets, and more. Take a look at the post for details and to get started.

Cloud Identity and secure LDAP

Access to traditional apps with secure LDAP from Cloud Identity is now generally available. Lots of details and links to get started are on the post.

Associate Cloud Engineer certification in German

The Associate Cloud Engineer certification helps organizations identify individuals who can demonstrate a solid working knowledge of Google Cloud products and technologies. And it’s now available in German. To learn more about the certification and get started today, check out the post.

Google Cloud IoT and Microchip

We recently collaborated with Microchip on the AVR-IoT WG development board. It’s the first 8-bit microcontroller development board connected to Google Cloud Platform. It will help lower the barrier to entry to develop IoT solutions across cost, security, and cloud connectivity. Details and a photo of the board are on the post.

Deeper performance insights in Firebase Performance Monitoring

In Firebase Performance Monitoring, you can now dig deeper into an individual session of a trace. This will allow you to see attributes and events that happened leading up to a performance issue. Head on over to the post for the three new categories of information and some screenshots.

Redesigned Firebase notifications dashboard

Also in Firebase is a redesigned notifications dashboard which will support much more sophisticated and powerful notification campaigns. More details and screenshots are on this post too.

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