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Writing More Code by Writing Less Code with Android Studio Live Templates

An Android Tool Time Pro Tip

Toast.makeText(MainActivity.this, "This will not be displayed");

What is this magic I speak of? Live Templates!

Live template to (correctly) create and display a new Toast

Android Studio Live Templates: A Handy Reference

IntelliJ includes over dozens of Live Templates, and Android Studio features another 48 specific for Android development. Here’s a few of my favorites for easy reference

A small sampling of Android Studio Live Templates
public static void start(android.content.Context context) {    
android.content.Intent starter = new Intent(context, $ACT$.class);

Create Your Own Live Templates

android.content.SharedPreferences sharedPreferences =     
android.content.SharedPreferences.Editor editor =
editor.putBoolean(getString(R.string.$stringVal$), $spVal$);



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