2018 Earth Engine User Summit Recap

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2 min readSep 11, 2018

By Tyler Erickson, Senior Developer Advocate, Google Earth Engine

This summer, we hosted the 2018 Google Earth Engine User Summit, a three-day hands-on technical workshop for both newcomers and advanced users interested in using Google Earth Engine for planetary-scale cloud-based geospatial analysis.

For the first time we held the summit in Europe at the Google campus in Dublin, Ireland. 200 participants from 42 nations gathered to learn from fellow developers and Googlers on topics ranging from change detection, time series analysis, image segmentation, accuracy assessment, user interface & web app development, machine learning, and amplifying the impact of their research.

The Earth Engine summits have been a great venue for building collaborations that last far beyond the actual meeting. To further facilitate these collaborations, this year the summit featured “hackathon” projects where small groups proposed, developed, and presented on a diverse set of topics.

Session Resources

To catch up on content presented at the summit, check out content from the plenary talks, lightning talks, hackathon presentations, and breakout sessions. You can find all the recordings from this year and previous year’s User Summit on the Google Earth YouTube Channel.

Lightning talks

Plenary and Breakout Sessions