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By Okalo Ikhena, Director, Product Management, Google Sustainability

Screenshot of visual user experience of Delve
User discovers optimal building design option in Delve and visualizes back in Earth

The built environment has the potential to play a key role in a more sustainable future, as it contributes ~40% of total global energy-related CO2 emissions¹. But in order to increase sustainability for the built environment, real estate developers must be able to prove feasibility in early-stage site selection and design, considering not only solar potential but also embodied, operational and transportation emissions and reductions. This is why, today, we are offering a free preview of Delve’s generative design features in Google Earth for early-stage real estate and solar development.

Google Earth + Delve: streamlining the decision-making process for sustainable projects

With the latest update of Google Earth, it’s even easier for users to observe and orient on the natural and built environment — all on a no-code platform. Users leveraging Google Earth’s global satellite imagery catalogs and comprehensive geospatial data can quickly identify sites of interest for a real estate or clean energy development, by looking at new and existing buildings and parking lots. When planning for a new project, teams have an opportunity to maximize build potential while also optimizing for sustainable project outcomes.

This is where Delve comes in.

Delve is a generative design tool, for real estate and sustainability professionals, that leverages cloud computing and ML to create and evaluate project feasibility across multiple dimensions, helping users generate the best building designs or explore solar feasibility in a matter of minutes. With Delve, users can examine far more sites with comparable, quantifiable metrics, uncovering options that help balance quality of life and sustainability goals with financial and regulatory constraints.

In Google Earth, you can locate urban areas for project development and continue the design journey directly in Delve, evaluating the impact potential of different options within a set of prioritized, sustainable outcomes. Optimal designs can then be viewed directly in Google Earth, to visualize projects and drive alignment with stakeholders.

Join our efforts to decarbonize the built environment

Making generative design capabilities from Delve accessible on Google Earth is just the beginning of our goal to catalyze the next generation of climate solutions. As we work to reduce the carbon footprint of our own facilities, we are motivated to help others get more projects built sustainably and hope you will join us.

If you’re working on an early-stage building design or exploring solar feasibility for a site larger than a 0.5 acres, we invite you to learn more and sign up for the preview here.