Jul 5, 2017 · 2 min read
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My name is Charles Annenberg Weingarten, Vice President of the Annenberg Foundation and founder of Explore.org. In 2004, I created Explore.org with the mission of championing the selfless acts of others, inspiring lifelong learning, and creating a portal into the soul of humanity. Explore.org is a collection of live nature cams, documentary films and an assortment of special projects such as Dog Bless You, which supports the training of service dogs, and Fallujah, the first original opera about the Iraq War.

Explore.org’s guiding values are purity, trust, and stewardship. Purity is Explore.org’s commodity. It is a sacred resource to find in today’s media-driven world, and I take great pride in sharing with the world the “purest” and most unfiltered experience of nature. “Replacing fear with trust” has also been a cornerstone value of Explore.org because it is the only way humanity will stop making the mistakes of its past. Lastly, we are dedicated to stewardship — I am a servant of the public, trying to shed light on world we live in with the hope that Explore.org’s work will improve the human condition and pave the way to more effective philanthropy. People take care of what they love, so if Explore.org can get them to emotionally connect to the world we live in a pure and trusting way, they will naturally want to take care of it.

I am honored that Google Earth chose Explore.org’s Pearls of the Planet live nature network to feature. Google and Explore.org share the values of showcasing nature’s treasures in its “purest” form possible.

So few of us have the privilege of experiencing what I like to call “nature’s cathedrals,” and now through these live cams, all of us can learn, grow, and assist researchers on a daily basis in some of the wild kingdom’s most remote and unexplored regions of the world.

So, please join Google and Explore.org and discover the “live world.” Whether it be the brown bears of Katmai National Park, the wild belugas and polar bears of the arctic, the bald eagles of Iowa, the elephants and hippos of Africa, the pandas of China, or a live birth of a puppy who will one day become a service dog for a soldier with PTSD — welcome to our family.

Explore.org and Google Earth simply want to give you an up close and personal look at nature with the hope that you will fall in love with this beautiful planet.

Never Stop Learning.

Charles Annenberg Weingarten

Google Earth and Earth Engine

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