Google Earth Studio: Getting Started

By Michael Tavendale, Program Manager, Google Earth Studio

Have you ever wanted to use Google Earth imagery to add more visual flair to your videos? Meet Google Earth Studio, a new animation tool for Google Earth’s satellite and 3D imagery. After testing with newsrooms and creative professionals in real-world production workflows, we’re inviting users to sign up and preview the product as we continue to develop new features.

Create animated and still content with Google Earth imagery.

With an intuitive UI and features like keyframe-based animation as well as in-camera effects such as field of view and time of day, users now have more control over Google Earth imagery than ever before.

Custom camera control all inside the browser.

We modeled Earth Studio after industry-standard animation tools so motion design professionals can pick it up and start animating right away. But we have extensive documentation and video tutorials that make it easy to learn how to use the product.

Earth Studio Basics

We also have some great tools for beginners and users that are short on time to quickly create stunning animations. Pick from our five Quick Starts, a set of customizable templates based on common camera moves, to get started.

Create a point-to-point animation using one of our Quick Starts.

Earth Studio renders right inside the browser and outputs high-resolution JPEG image sequences. You can use Adobe Media Encoder or Adobe After Effects to convert these files into video formats. Command-line open source library ffmpeg is another option as well as a number of free tools for both PC and Mac. Side note: Earth Studio also supports camera export to After Effects, which is great for adding labels and graphics.

Sample animations: Hong Kong and New York City.

Sign up to preview Earth Studio today at and join our User Forum to share learnings with other users.

Happy animating!