Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!

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2 min readJun 30, 2017


By Vanessa Schneider, Program Manager, Google Earth Outreach

The British North America Act was passed 150 years ago today. To celebrate this moment and the many natural wonders of the world’s second largest country, we’re featuring Canada-inspired content in Voyager, Google Earth’s new stories feature.

Start with a quick tour of Canada’s most famous sites:

A quick tour of Canada’s most famous sites in Google Earth.

Then explore the Canadian Arctic by riding with the sled dogs of Iqaluit, the capital of Nunavut, and spotting polar bears in Churchill, along Hudson Bay:

The Street View Trekker, mounted on a Tundra Buggy, captures images of Churchill’s polar bears.

For those traveling to Canada this year — or locals looking to rediscover gems — explore city itineraries for Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Or hit the trails with our new hiking guide, authored by Local Guides, featuring great walks throughout the country:

Explore the new hiking guide in Google Earth.

Finally, for the culture fans out there, we pay homage to Canada’s rich history of literature and film with themed collections: Anne of Green Gables and Canada at the movies.

Explore Anne of Green Gables and Canada at the movies in Google Earth.

We hope these stories and sights will inspire you to learn more about Canada and its history. Happy Birthday, Canada!