All about Google+ Exporter

We’re introducing an application that will help you to export your Google+ feeds (profile, pages, collections, communities, including all comments) to Wordpress 4.x and 5.x backup, Blogger backup or a JSON file.

Download latest Google+ Exporter version from

Export your Google+ profile, page, collection and community posts separately or together.

Export posts to Wordpress backup (eXtended RSS) file which can be imported to any WP instance. Pick whether you want to export also private posts and posts comments.

Example WordPress import

You can also export posts and comments to Google Blogger.

Example Blogger import

Google+ feeds export to JSON file is also possible.

Link to a detailed description of the JSON structure

The free version of the application enables you to download up to 800 posts per every single Google+ feed (profile, page, collection, community). Some posts may not be downloaded by the free version of the app in case the limit is met. You can buy a license key to get unlimited experience.

The application is still under active development so you can expect more export options in the future.

Please, drop me a message in case you have any suggestion, request or question.

Thank you and enjoy!

Download latest Google+ Exporter version from

Why is Google+ Exporter better than Google Takeout

Google+ Exporter tool exports ALL your posts (profiles, pages, collections, and communities) including comments and transforms them into a well-documented structure and prepares import files for your Wordpress blog.

Oh the other hand, Google Takeout is not documented at all, terribly structured, hard to transform to any reasonable import for other services and with no support from Google at all.

How to install the application

You can download the free application installation designed for your operating system (Windows, MacOS or Linux).




Export your Google+ feeds to WordPress, Blogger, and JSON

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