Export process after Google+ shutdown

I’ll try to outline how it will work once the Google+ shuts down and deletes all hosted images and videos.

Right now are images and videos still publicly available via Google+ image proxy. This functionality will not be available after G+ shuts down.

  1. First, you’ll have to upload all your images and videos to some public web server, to make them available for WP import plugin process and to be linked by Blogger posts. It will be important to upload content of image and video download directories to reflect the same directory structure downloaded images and videos are stored on your drive.
  2. Step two is to export from the app CSV file that links image and video URLs to files stored on your drive (those you’ve uploaded to the web in the previous step).
  3. Step three is to create a two column table where the first column contains an old image/video URL and the second column new URL with a new file location. For example for old image URL https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-SZ6upJZX1EI/AAAAAAAAAAI/AAAAAAAAAAA/3rXFp_TdiuY/s0/photo.jpg will be newly available as https://my-images.somewhere.com/images/a7/09/80/a709804d12e621160678b5a108e78ff5.jpg in case you’ve uploaded content of the directory with images to a web server that makes uploaded file available via an url https://my-images.somewhere.com/images
  4. Step four is to replace all old URLs with the new ones in WP and Blogger backup files exported from the application, before you proceed with import.

That’s it.

We plan to update the WP and Blogger export functionality to replace old URLs with new equivalents for you, all you’ll have to do is to upload your image and video file somewhere to the web and tell the app during the export pocess what the new location is, for example, https://my-images.somewhere.com/images as mentioned above.




Export your Google+ feeds to WordPress, Blogger, and JSON

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