All 17 Google Sheets Templates I Ever Made in 1 Overview & a Thank You

The final template updates

Gracia Kleijnen
Google Sheets Geeks
4 min readNov 19, 2023


All screenshots made by the author

Dear Google Sheets Geeks,

This publication has been purely coincidental.

While bored out of my brain at a previous dead-end job, I taught myself how to create and customize Google Sheets.

This Sheets practice has stuck with me ever since. I heavily rely on spreadsheets to streamline my personal and work life today.

Whenever I made a template, I figured, “Maybe other people find this useful too.” That’s how the template sharing started, and continued over the years.

This lil’ side project has grown quite a bit. From zero to five years later:

  • 1.9K Google Sheets Geeks publication followers
  • 1.7K followers on Pinterest
  • 1.23K subscribers on YouTube
  • 316 humble sales in the Etsy shop
  • Tens of thousands of Bitly clicks on the templates
  • 3.2K+ newsletter subscribers (which I unfortunately lost. Tip: Make a monthly backup of your email list)



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