Google Sheets Social Media Editorial Calendar 2021 for Your Personal Brand or Small Business (Free template)

Use this Google Sheets Editorial Calendar 2021 template to plan Social Media posts across all your Social Media channels.

Gracia Kleijnen
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5 min readDec 2, 2020


Screenshot of the template showing the Jan ’21 tab with random dummy data.
The Social Media Editorial Calendar 2021 with some dummy content.

Table of Contents

· Why this template was created
· Use cases
· How to get your free template
· How to customize your template
· Downsides

Why this template was created

As just one person, it can feel challenging to be present in many places at the same time in the glorious online landscape. Through creating a few core pieces of content, and repurposing these for different Social Media channels, post planning, batch creation, and scheduling, it can be done. I just hadn’t yet figured out how.

Drowning like a kitten that accidentally fell in the family pool and hadn’t yet learned how to swim, I scooped myself out and laid myself onto the grass. To save myself from sheer overwhelm after dipping my toes in one too many Social Media experiments, I crafted a solution to my issue with *yet another Google Sheets template*.

Why Google Sheets?

  • I was already using it.
  • It’s free.
  • I don’t need fancy.

Use cases

You want to build your personal brand and grow your audience. You do that by sharing your work with the world. If “the audience” finds your work valuable, they might stick around for more.

You can post something on the spot when inspiration hits you. But to keep your posting up consistently, you’re going to need a system. You won’t feel “inspired” all the time. Waiting for inspiration is a trap and can have you feeling like you’re always running behind.

Beat the clock by planning ahead.

For a small business or freelancing clients

To take one client as an example, I:

  • Select an image from a massive image database
  • Write a caption and, where needed, get it approved and/or translated…



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