GSoC selection phase

Stanila Andrei
May 23, 2019 · 2 min read

I heard about GSoC this year at a presentation about it at my university where GSoC alumns come and tell students about GSoC and dos and don’ts. I’m first year and i was a little fearful because i thought that my knowledge is not enough. In the end of December i started to watch what organizations were part of GSoC 2018 and i found OpenMRS interesting because was an organization with medical scope. I started to talk on the forum, asked a lot of questions and started to understand the code .

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Contributing to the organization

This is one of the most important parts. I did some pull request on some existing issues and created some issues with my ideas. One of them was merged in REST module. By contributing you learn how a lot about open source (git, pr conventions, coding style, testing etc).

Proposal period

In this period you have a month to write a pdf where you tell the mentors what you will do in their project if you get selected and you tell them about your self and why you are a good match. I suggest to watch proposals from previous years . It is very important to start early and ask the mentors for feedback. Your first proposal will be a lot different from the last .

After proposal period

After that you have to wait one month to get the result. In this time i suggest to do some research about your project, try to setup your environment and start experimenting with the project. Stay in touch with mentors and community and try to contribute as well. This period is also very important even that it is not in your proposal.


After almost a month, on a specific date, Google send responses to students via email. I got accepted Build new UI for Attachments Module as an OWA project and my task is to build a new UI in REACT and use Jest for testing .

I find React to be a lot of fun. I think that the hardest part is to understand how the deployment is working and to fix the bugs when you try to test your code.

Link to my project wiki page :

Google Summer of Code 2019

This blog is about my journey from this summer.

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