Week 1 of GSoC @OpenMrs

The coding period has begun and it’s time to work on our project.

In this week i tried to shape my work and to setup everything to get the work done. With help from my mentors I created and ran a server using openmrs sdk. Also created an OWA using OWA generator and the OWA use React.

I had some problems with working directly in OWA and testing it. So I created a project in react and started to work there and after i will integrate my components in the OWA with help from my mentors and i will deploy the OWA in the module.

In week 1 and 2 i planned to work on upload widget and thumbnail. I started with the upload widget because i think it is more complex then the thumbnail. The upload widget has a dropzone where you can drop or click to upload files. After you upload a file you get a preview of the file. Also has a textera where you can add description of file and upload button and a button for taking photos with webcam. I did a dropzone from scratch using a div and creating some handler functions (onDrop, onDropLeave etc).

I did some style for dropzone to be similar with the old one. Next i need to set every element in it’s place.

Here are some screenshots how the dropzone looks before and after you drop a file.

Next week i want to finish this component and connect it to the api to make it able to upload the file. Also i want to create the thumbnail component (this will be a clickable photo preview of attachment and when you click it you will see the full version)

Google Summer of Code 2019

This blog is about my journey from this summer.

Stanila Andrei

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Google Summer of Code 2019

This blog is about my journey from this summer.