Rethinking your game monetization strategy

New monetization trends to diversify your games revenue — Post 1 of 5

The game genre approach

The game genre model of monetization

Why diversification?

Diversification in business and investment isn’t a new idea. More than 400 years ago, in Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice” the character Antonio, talking about his fortune, says: “I thank my fortune for it — my ventures are not in one bottom trusted, nor to one place, nor is my whole estate upon the fortune of this present year.”

New ways of playing the (monetization) game

So, what are the tools available to diversify revenue in your game? I am going to introduce three monetization trends to drive diversification, each of which will be discussed in more detail over the course of the next three posts.

  • They can also help boost user retention and playtime of payers and non-payers by encouraging users to come back to the game more frequently and play longer sessions.
  • They are a strong predictor of in-app purchase conversion.
  • Generating revenue from IAP relies less on a massive number of installs, and emphasizes game operations and engagement over new game launches. This offers a focus on more sustainable long-term business KPIs.
  • Diversifying with IAP enables developers to take control of their revenue, making them less dependent on other companies (such as ad networks) for revenue. Therefore, with the right tools in place, developers have the flexibility to test and optimize their IAP.

Definitely not the final word!

The monetization landscape for games is changing. It’s no longer the case that the type of game dictates the type of monetization; the game is now about diversification. By exploring other options for revenue generation, developers can have steeper revenue curves while also achieving greater stability in their revenue streams. I challenge you to have a deep discussion with your team and ask this simple question: is the current status quo you have in your company the best strategy?

What do you think?

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