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Behold, the Magic of our Goopy Augmented Reality, powered by AWS!

What really powers Goopy, our Augmented Reality Platform? What kind of digital wizardry are we developing to create the magic behind our platform? We are happy to share with you some of our digital architecture details, as we are extremely proud and excited about what we have achieved.

Our Goopy Augmented Reality Platform is an exponentially growing startup based in the United States and the Dominican Republic, offering an innovative Augmented Reality service through a mobile application and its Goopy Studio (Cloud Web Editor) platform. Our Augmented Reality technology is available through cloud image recognition, immersive portals, and 3D static objects. In this way, Goopy saves time and makes it easier for brands, agencies and startups to create their augmented reality design quickly, easily and innovatively without the need to know how to program in any programming language.

Goopy is constantly developing and operating with software engineers, Quality Assurance (QA) and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) adopting a DevOps culture and with the main challenge of technically supporting its growth, especially in the area of ​​development and engineering. For this, they use Amazon EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service), which is Goopy’s main option to orchestrate its microservices architecture in Docker containers, Amazon S3, ElastiCache with AWS Relational Database Service (RDS) and other services, in the latest services that we have included is serverless with AWS Lambda for new features which we have integrated using the Amazon API Gateway service for the consumption of APIs in the backend.

With the inclusion of Kubernetes and Dockers, we have optimized deployments to production and staging 2–3 times a week using AWS Elastic Container Registry (ECR) integration with Bitbucket and Jenkins to make CI/CD more effective, which we make changes as often as possible In order to detect failures as soon as possible in short development cycles.

To improve the user experience, we integrate the Amazon CloudFront service into our ecosystem, which we deliver to customers globally data, 3D objects, videos, images, etc., through APIs in a secure way with low latency, other advantages that offer us this service is that we can access its Edge instances where, as we mentioned, we improve the user experience which facilitates the proximity of the data according to the user’s location. for the continuous improvement of our platform and detect bad performance we monitor our platform with Amazon CloudWatch services sending our traffic to New Relic, Datadog and Grafana, highlighting the latter which we send traffic from Prometheus.

With Amazon Auto Scaling supporting Goopy across all of their operations, they enable growth for high request demands through AWS Application Load Balancing (ALB). These EC2 instances (Workers) are built dynamically with Terraform (Infrastructure as Code) then these instances are destroyed as soon as demand drops, contributing to cost improvement. To guarantee the commitment we have with our clients and the trust they place in us regarding the availability of the service, we use High Availability configurations (Multi-AZ) where our database instances, Kubernetes Cluster and other services guarantee us their 99.99% service level availability.

Goopy’s short-term planning and focus on education are the main axes of the successful strategy of using a microservices architecture on the cloud of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Goopy’s next steps are the incorporation of Business Intelligence and BigData services such as Amazon QuickSight, our data Lake with Lake formation, other services such as Machine Learning with AWS SageMaker, Blockchain and Neural networks.

In other words, we are adding more digital alchemy to our Goopy magical recipe.

Onwards to creating more magic!



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