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The augmented reality advertising space is increasing. It’s predicted that 2021 will see global active users of AR technology reach 811 million by the end of the year. With the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to bring a halt to real-world interactions, brands are utilizing more innovative methods to capture their audience’s attention. In Goopy we have Augmented Reality presents exciting opportunities for brands and businesses to showcase their products in a new innovative way. With Goopy AR App and Studio technology, we enable you to create easy-to-use and powerful AR experiences.

That is why we at Goopy have decided to compile a list of some good Augmented Reality campaigns from around the world from 2018 to 2021.

Air Jordan

Augmented Reality (AR) campaign of R/GA. Using cutting-edge augmented reality technology, His Airness was imposed onto a geo-fenced court in downtown LA, where fans could bear witness to his Free Throw Line Dunk in MJ’s full 6.6” — frozen a full five feet from the ground.

The experience didn’t stop there. With a tap of the screen, viewers could cop the latest drop of the Air Jordan III — an update on the very same sneaker that Jordan wore in ’88 — which was delivered to their home address within two hours. And once ASW was over, fans across America could unlock the experience.

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Jack Daniel’s | Augmented Reality

Mobile App for the brand Jack Daniel’s. Just download Jack Daniel’s Augmented Reality app, point your phone at any Jack Daniel’s bottle and take a virtual tour of the Jack Daniel Distillery. It’s the next best thing to dropping by to visit in person. If you’ve ever wanted to visit in person but couldn’t, now you have a chance with Augmented Reality technology.

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Childish Gambino in Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality campaign with Childish Gambino is down to dance with anyone, anywhere, at any time. The Playmoji can dance to three of Childish Gambino’s biggest hits, “Redbone,” “Summer Magic” and “This is America,” and it works in both rear-camera and selfie modes. Google worked with Childish Gambino and his choreographer to make sure the dance moves were authentic, while the Playmoji can even respond to your facial expressions.

This was part of the launch of the campaign for pixel 3 #pixeldanceoff

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Cross a Portal to Paradise with Marriott

Discover the Caribbean with this augmented reality app using AR 360° Portals Marriott® Hotels Campaign #PortalToParadise

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Burn That Ad | Burger King

In the era of augmented reality and mobiles, users of the Burger King app can scan ads from other major burger chains, and then burn the ad, revealing a coupon for a free whopper.

The app shows a “burn that ad” banner that mobile users can tap while pointing their smartphone camera at the print, coupon, and billboard ads from competitors like Mcdonald’s. The concept is a play on Burger King’s signature flame-grilling cooking technique that the chain has used since opening in 1954.

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Eminem Augmented App

Eminem Augmented is an official Eminem Augmented Reality app that gives fans expanded experiences during Eminem’s 2018 summer live dates, as well as additional AR experiences that can be viewed anywhere.

Eminem Augmented App

SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE — Augmented Reality Experience

Augmented Reality Experience to promote the movie Spider-Man: Into the spider-verse of Sony Pictures Studios.

MIRA Banco Popular App “Taínos: Arte y Sociedad” in Augmented Reality

Banco Popular launches MIRA (Mi Realidad Aumentada) using our technology and Goopy AR solutions, becoming the first bank in the Dominican Republic to have a mobile application to consume just augmented reality content.

Through the mobile application MIRA (Mi Realidad Aumentada), the reader can learn more about Taínos interactively, making the content of the book interactive, through multimedia elements that overlap on the pages and allow you to explore Tainos 3D pieces, holograms, and animations. Also, through the app users can consume 360º content through augmented reality portals of different caves (Cueva de las Maravillas Park and Los Tres Ojos National Park) and explore García Arevalo museum in an interactive way.

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Apple products using web augmented reality

Apple is constantly making AR content with web Augmented reality when launching a new product. They use ARKit Technology for creating 3D models for new products for customers.

iPhone 12 in Augmented Reality

AirPods Max in Augmented Reality

Others augmented reality campaigns

AR Advertising Billboard
AR ads based on markers require a marker that customers scan with their smartphones to create virtual content. Location-based AR ads don’t require any markers, making virtual content available based on a user’s location (with the help of GPS).

AR Advertising package
Victoria’s Día De Los Muertos AR Campaign Scan technology for beer bottles.

Christmas AR marketing campaign
AR marketing campaign with Coca-Cola Ukraine. A magical Christmas AR experience with AR Scan technology.

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