Goopy New Release 3.0 — Augmented Reality 360° Portals, GIF Animation Support, Surface 3D Objects and more!

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2 min readJun 28, 2020


June is an important month for us because because we get to announce the latest new release of our Goopy Augmented Reality Platform. We couldn’t be more proud and excited to announce these new developments, as we continue to evolve the power of Augmented Reality through our platform. As of today, you can now update our Goopy app on Google Play and Apple Store. After you have done so, test the new features by jumping to our gallery samples at: Be sure to check out our 3D Surface Objects and AR 360° Portals features!


In this new version, we launched two new main functionalities: Creating AR 360° portals and Surface 3D Objects that consist in unique new ways to allow your audience to engage in immersive experiences.

To build AR portals, simply upload your own 360° images or video assets and explore these worlds using our Goopy app. (Or custom-branded apps, which we can create for you.) These AR Portals now allow your users to walk into other worlds in Augmented Reality, by simply moving your mobile device around. Imagine jumping into virtual reality worlds, without having to wear cumbersome headsets. Your mobile phone device is powerful enough to do this.

Surface 3D Objetc Video Concept

In this new release version, you can now utilize our 3D Surface Objects functionality. Drop in any 3D object in front of you and with intuitive controls you can drag and drop any 3D model into the real world. It’s the perfect way to allow your users to interact with your products.

Latest Release Updates
· Renewed app design
· App performance improvement
· Unlock 360° immersive content viewable through AR Portals
· Create your own AR Portals with ease
· Interact with AR experiences using buttons
· Upgraded ARcore and ARkit framework
· Improved Geolocation experiences
· More stability (crash fixes) and optimizations (faster performance)
· Push notifications for near-GEO experiences
· Surface 3D Objects
· Goopylytics improvements
· Gif Animations support
· New devices supporting ARCore

For those using Android devices, Google continues to expand its reach of Augmented Reality functionalities via its ARcore libraries on many devices. Here is the latest list of devices that have been added to Google’s list of supported devices:



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