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Introducing 3D web Augmented Reality

We are very proud to announce our new solution 3D web AR based on arkit and arcore technology. Goopy 3D WebAR is all about making AR accessible to everyone, everywhere by bringing immersive experiences directly to the mobile web browser — no app required.

This technology basically allows viewing augmented reality content through a web page, using the camera of the mobile device through a browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.

With Goopy 3D webAR you can open a web address, like that of any of the many pages you visit every day, and at any given moment, through the camera of your phone, be able to show augmented content.

This is very useful to carry out marketing campaigns associated with a specific product, gamification dynamics on a brand, to display your e-commerce product catalog in a completely realistic way, the dishes of your restaurant, or catering etc. Global top brands are using AR to increase brand awareness and stand out among competitors.

You can see more about our solution and test diferents samples



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Luis Ogando

Founder & Chief Creative Officer Goopy Augmented Reality Platform