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Another one bites the Rug

The infamous “Migrator” strikes again

Site went down immediately and is now 404

Just an hour or so after launch, CroissantSwap rugged with about 1M TVL.

They did it using the infamous “Migrator” that exists on many of the PancakeSwap forks. It took everyone’s staked assets and swapped them for a mock token “boo”.

They decided to be jerks and gave everyone some boos on top of stealing their assets

This is why the Goose team has been outing the “Migrator” code so much in our previous posts. This is a blatant backdoor, we keep trying to educate everyone about it. If the contract contains the “Migrator”, it takes 0 technical skill to execute the rug.

Migrator is the number one red flag, and having no time lock is the second red flag. Never invest your money into a farm that contains the “Migrator” or is not behind a time lock.

WHAT ABOUT Goose Finance?

Goose Finance is trying to create a cleaner environment for people to yield farm. We have removed the Migrator backdoor. We cannot migrate the assets therefore your assets will be safe with us.

Our message to other yield farm devs: REMOVE THE GOD DAMN MIGRATOR! You need to help stop the spread of it which causes so much FUD for our sector.

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Goose Finance is aiming to become an all-in-one financial entity where you have multiple tools to profit in the same platform. Our goal is to create innovate and unique tools for our user to gain profit.

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