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Goose Finance — First to remove Rugpull Migrator Code

Remember the PopcornSwap rug pull? We are not talking about devs dumping their tokens on the market. We are talking about stealing everyone’s staked assets.

Almost all the forks from PancakeSwap inherited a back door called the “Migrator” that allowed the dev to take all the staked assets in the farms. Yes, I’m not joking, PancakeSwap can really take all your staked assets if they really wanted to. I’m not suggesting they will, but its in their power to do so.

The “Migrator” backdoor on PancakeSwap

This was a legacy feature that came from SushiSwap on Ethereum because they needed to forcibly “migrate” Uniswap LPs into their own SushiSwap LP.

It was already a pretty douche move on SushiSwap’s part to be honest. For what ever reasons, PancakeSwap decided not to remove this backdoor also. And now evil devs like PopcornSwap used this “directly forked from Pancake” excuse to dodge due diligence checks.

Its extra ironic because theres an explicitly remarked comment on the migrator code that says: “Can be called by anyone. We trust that migrator contract is good.”

WHAT ABOUT Goose Finance?

Goose puts security and legitimacy in the highest regards. We have removed the Migrator backdoor. We cannot migrate the assets therefore your assets will be safe with us.

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Goose Finance is aiming to become an all-in-one financial entity where you have multiple tools to profit in the same platform. Our goal is to create innovate and unique tools for our user to gain profit.

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