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Goose Vault — sGoose and Goose Dollar

If you haven’t read about the Goose Vault, please read it first

A lot of people asked about the Goose Dollar and our team has come up with more ideas to accelerate this funding. As mentioned in the previous article, Goose Dollar is backed by1 BUSD. The initial funding is 2 million USD supported by Goose Finance’s team wallet.

We came up with sGoose where you put down 1 dollar and get 1 sGoose Token. This 1 dollar will then be used to mint Goose Dollar for Vault users. You will then take this sGoose token to stake into a profit-sharing farm. Currently, we are looking at 10% of the Goose Dollar profit will be shared among all sGoose holders.

The purchase price of sGoose: $1 (fixed)
The selling price of sGoose: $0.9 (fixed)

The purchase price and selling price may be increased in the future if the funds grow larger, but the gap will always stay at 10%.

Goose Finance is aiming to become an all-in-one financial entity where you have multiple tools to profit in the same platform. Our goal is to create innovate and unique tools for our user to gain profit.

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Goose Finance

Goose Finance

2nd Generation Yield Farming on Binance Smart Chain

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