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Goose Vault — You stake, We Stake Too

2 million USD will be added to accelerate the Goose Vault

Goose Vault

Goose vault is similar to other auto-compounder sites where you can auto-compound tokens like Pancake-BNB LP or BUSD-USDT LP to get higher APY. Usually, those sites will mint a platform token to you and you can hodl or sell as you like which involves lots of risks and price fluctuation.


We are now proposing a new leverage system where Goose Finance provides you funding to invest.
When you stake onto any farm in the Goose Vault, you will be given Goose Dollar backed by $1USD. You can then take this Goose Dollar and stake it into selected Goose Dollar farms. For each Goose Dollar staked, Goose Finance will then stake 1$ for you into this farm. We take the risk, you take the reward.

Goose Dollar tokenomics

Goose Dollar’s total supply will always be the same as the total amount of BUSD in the Goose Dollar Vault. So the initial minting will start at 2 million Goose Dollar backed with 2 million BUSD. The minting will depend on the remaining unbacked BUSD, therefore a larger amount of BUSD remaining will increase the minting speed.

For Goose Dollar farms, it will have a different fee involved, as we bear the risk of losing money. Stable coin farms will have a higher profit ratio compare to higher risk like Pancake farms. For stable coin farm, we are looking at 60% of the profit from Goose Dollar goes to the user, 30% goes back to the Goose Dollar Vault, 10% goes to the platform as fee.

For normal auto-compounding farms, around 1% of the profit will be sent to the Goose Dollar Vault, 0.5% as platform fee, 1.5% on egg buyback.

When more people stake, the goose vault grows larger! So more Goose Dollar will be minted!

Goose Finance is aiming to become an all-in-one financial entity where you have multiple tools to profit in the same platform. Our goal is to create innovate and unique tools for our user to gain profit.

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