Dmitry Doronin
Jul 3 · 2 min read

On the hardware side, the UI of the smart mirror was tested and the subsequent problem list is worked out. Due to the large noise inside the car, the audio parameters related to the microphone and the speakers were optimized in the first stage. Further testing will start with more vehicles for longer periods of time.

Smart mirror with Goose Q software is installed

In terms of the Daluka sim-card, the list of free IP addresses compiled in May has been completed with the online test work of Unicom, and the current operating status is stable. In the response to the operator’s system upgrade, the APIs related to the order process, after-sales feedback process, and report acquisition process were adjusted.

Hotel chain 尚美生活 is promoting Daluka sim-card

Regarding road data, the SDK API integration standard released the first version and began to interface with some users’ online products, including Chuangbangbang Logistics. The first phase of debugging identity authentication, data collection, data cleaning and other basic functions have been completed.

Jiama Road messenger got new feature — in-built radio. It is fully functional now online radio with free traffic from Daluka sim-card.

Print screen of Jiama Road Messenger (加马语聊)

In terms of blockchain development, Goose Q has reached a cooperation intention with a number of digital wallet service providers (including BastionPay), exchanged technical information with them, and conducted the first round of technical communication. The process optimization of the data business completes the preliminary design work of the first phase.

Goose Q team having late dinner, June 2019

Goose Q is a blockchain solution for the global logistics industry with more than 10 years of development history. Goose Q’s main purpose is to provide a visual, verifiable, credible, traceable, anti-fraud, immutable data of the logistics industry in order to enhance its efficiency and transparency as well as to improve truck drivers’ financial and psychological wellbeing.


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10 years of development of IT solutions for the logistics industry. Now blockchain…

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Goose Q

10 years of development of IT solutions for the logistics industry. Now blockchain…

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