Goose Q token economy

Goose Q is developing comprehensive token economy to ensure sustainable and healthy development of the ecosystem. The system is going to benefit every contributor, currently the following roles are considered:

  1. Individual users. This role is mainly referred to truck drivers, but eventually anyone can use Goose Q platform.
  2. Corporate users. Logistics companies, insurance companies, financial institutions, government authorities, and anyone else who need authorized access to the industry data.
  3. Token exchanges. Currently Goose Q token is listed on several small exchanges, such as GGBTC, HPX, Biger. More exchanges are planned in the future.
  4. Goose Q partners. At the moment (May 2019) Goose Q has long-standing partnerships with more than 15 leading logistics players in China and abroad, including, road radio stations, online fuel purchasing platforms, logistics management platforms, automotive hardware manufacturers, telecommunication service providers, and more.

The main driving force of the system is data produced by individual users of the platform. Please check this article for more information about data infrastructure of Goose Q platform. Corporate users purchase data with GQ token that they get from token exchanges. Individual users in turn are rewarded with GQ token by the platform for providing their data.

Individual users can spent their tokens as they wish — online games within the platform, advanced functions, donations, products or service of Goose Q (such as Daluka sim-card), or simply sell it on exchanges.

Individual users can get GQ token not only by providing data, but also by being active on the platform, complete community missions, and by contributing to DPOS consensus with their nodes.

Another driving force of the ecosystem is access of automotive hardware producers and logistics industry service providers to their target audience. This type of companies can easily sell their products and service on Goose Q platform after paying membership fee in GQ tokens.

These are very core mechanisms of Goose Q token economy that to be implemented by Q1 2020, later more functions and scenarios will be considered.

WEME (now Goose Q) engineer with a senior manager of Zi You rearview mirror manufacturer at Automotive Parts Expo in Shenzhen, 2015. WEME was providing software for the mirrors.

Goose Q is a blockchain solution for the global logistics industry with more than 10 years of development history. Goose Q’s main purpose is to provide a visual, verifiable, credible, traceable, anti-fraud, immutable data of the logistics industry in order to enhance its efficiency and transparency as well as to improve truck drivers’ financial and psychological wellbeing.


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10 years of development of IT solutions for the logistics industry. Now blockchain…

Dmitry Doronin

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Goose Q

Goose Q

10 years of development of IT solutions for the logistics industry. Now blockchain…

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