Dmitry Doronin
May 10 · 3 min read

How to swiftly grow userbase for an app and bring blockchain mass adoption one step closer? Chinese startup Goose Q operating in the logistics industry for more than 10 years knows the answer.

Simply issue your own sim-card and provide free traffic and free calls for your users! Well, actually it is not that simple, but here we go — 8 facts about Daluka sim-card:

Thanks for the expertise of Goose Q CSO Longfei Zhao who has relevant experience and connections after launching WEME sim-card back in 2013.

This is the core target audience of the sim-card and Goose Q project that might be extended to taxi drivers, logistic companies personnel, and simply car owners.

Testing was done in January and February 2019, by the beginning of May 2019 more than 100k sim-cards was already distributed

Production and distribution is going on and more orders are expected in Autumn 2019 when heavy marketing campaign is going to start.

Calls to other operators are matching market standards.

Including such top hits as TikTok (Douyin), Alipay, Baidu Maps, Taobao, Xiamu music and a set of less-know logistic apps that are partners of Goose Q.

Goose Q collects heavy weighted data such as multimedia and geo-location thanks to wide coverage of 4G networks in China.

Major logistics IT players in China with millions of active users are supporting Daluka sim-card distribution. To name a few: Wanji Logistics, Jufeng Logistics, Koala FM, Chezhubang Fuel, and more.

Chinese truck driver holding Daluka sim-card

Goose Q is a blockchain solution for the global logistics industry with more than 10 years of development history. Goose Q’s main purpose is to provide a visual, verifiable, credible, traceable, anti-fraud, immutable data of the logistics industry in order to enhance its efficiency and transparency as well as to improve truck drivers’ financial and psychological wellbeing.


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Goose Q

10 years of development of IT solutions for the logistics industry. Now blockchain…

Dmitry Doronin

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Goose Q

Goose Q

10 years of development of IT solutions for the logistics industry. Now blockchain…

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