Jiama Road Messenger is focused on a niche neglected by bigger players

Dmitry Doronin
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3 min readJul 7, 2019


Besides Daluka sim-card and automotive hardware, Goose Q ecosystem also has Jiama Road Messenger (加马语聊) — a communication software designed for 30 million Chinese truck drivers. Let’s have a look what is so special about it and why would we need another messaging tool.

Jiama Road Messenger Explained

In spite of the fact, that futuristic idea of autonomous goods delivery vehicles is becoming today’s reality, penetration of the technology on a full scale will take 5 to 10 years more according to industry experts’ forecasts. Taking China as an example, the niche of truck drivers is remaining untouched by communication software developers. Is it too small to neglect?

First of all, it is important to mention that truck drivers live not so ordinary life — day by day they move from city to city constantly controlling vehicles that require special skills and knowledge. They have special parking lots at gas stations, they often sleep inside their trucks, they know how to handle different road situations, often they are far from their families, they use special slang, and so on… Truck drivers is a unique social layer that has unique problems.

According to the statistics of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, there are about about 30 million truck drivers in China. Some of the problems they face are lack of socialization, difficulty to find help when in troubles on a road, and high psychological pressure. Available means of communication, such as Wechat, cannot fully respond to these needs.

Jiama Road Messenger (加马语聊)introduces functionality designed specially for this niche. For an instance, there is no need to press anything on a phone screen to communicate — all the commands can be done via voice control; the messenger automatically locates users nearby so that they can share road situation and help each other if needed; there are entertainment features for truck drivers such as social network and road radio stations; there is a reward system for performing certain social missions and road data contribution powered by GQ token that drivers can spend right away for car supplies and other goods or services. And all of that is traffic-free with Daluka sim-card.

Jiama communication screen

Jiama Road Messenger (加马语聊) went online in December 2018 and full scale promotion has started in May 2019. Currently the app has more than 100k registered users and the company is aiming to reach 500k by the end of 2019 and 3m by the end of 2020. The team is in close cooperation with truck driver communities in China such as “China Dragon” that currently has more than 200 groups in Wechat which is super inconvenient for them.

Jiama community screen
Jiama office, July 2019

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